bad query (getSets): `` SELECT, sets.cat_id, sets.frontposition, sets.description, sets.cover_id, sets.keywords, sets.created, sets.visible, rm_images.source, rm_images.filename, rm_images.horizontal, price_list.price, sets.title, sets.cat_id, count(set_images.image_id) as imgcount, pl.price as image_price, rm_images.white_text FROM sets LEFT JOIN rm_images ON sets.cover_id = LEFT JOIN price_list ON (sets.price_id = price_list.price_type and price_list.price = 499) LEFT JOIN set_images ON set_images.set_id = LEFT JOIN price_list pl ON (pl.price_type = rm_images.price_type AND pl.dpi=72) WHERE 1 AND sets.visible = 1 GROUP BY ORDER BY sets.title, LIMIT 48, 16``
Got error 28 from storage engine